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Property Evaluation

  • On-site visit to the property, evaluation of the state of repair of the property and fixtures
  • Calculation of the property’s “marketable surface”, with reference to the criteria and scaling coefficients commonly used in real estate transactions;
  • Analysis of the available documentation accompanying the property and verification of building regulation compliance;
  • Analysis of the city planning situation and further investigation with the City Council of reference regarding the additional valorisation potential of the property; analysis of the local real estate market, assessment of the sale/rental values and sector trends;
  • Collection of an adequate number of specially selected comparables; data processing and survey drafting according to the most suitable valuation criteria, with certification by a professional member of the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors).

Property for Rent or Sale

  • Analysis of the property’s surfaces and state of repair;
  • Identification of any required maintenance work aimed at optimising the sale/rental price;
  • Analysis of the reference market; determination of the property’s sale/rental market value;
  • Definition of the most suitable commercial strategy for achieving the set goals (economic result/time-to-market);
  • Definition and development of the most suitable marketing plan for promoting the property; contact with potential buyers/lessees;
  • Handling of negotiations and gathering of sale/rental offers;
  • Drafting of the preliminary sale contract or lease agreement;
  • Technical assistance with underwriting the preliminary sale contract or lease agreement.

Property Research

  • Analysis of the buyer’s needs and definition of the sought after property characteristics;
  • Search for real estate purchase and/or rental opportunities present on the market, with features that meet the expected needs;
  • Handling of negotiations with the owners of the properties selected by the buyer and definition of the contents, terms and conditions of sale/rental;
  • Drafting of purchase or rental proposals
  • Drafting, together with the owner of the chosen property, of the preliminary sale contract or lease agreement;
  • Assistance with underwriting the preliminary sale contract or lease agreement.

Product Marketing

  • Identification of potential target buyers/lessees;
  • Analysis of the property’s promotable features and the buyer’s expectations;
  • Identification of potential target buyers/lessees;
  • Identification of the most effective promotional channels for the identified target;
  • Definition of the advertising tools mix and their use over time;
  • drafting of the communication plan;
  • Creation of the agreed advertising;
  • Monitoring of advertising effectiveness.

Property management

  • Drafting of the detailed business plan and development timeline of the real estate deal;
  • Definition and assignment of the professional tasks (planning, works supervision, head of safety, inspections, registry office paperwork, etc.…);
  • Planning, coordination and control of design activities; handling of building procedures up to the approval of the Urban Development Project (if required) and issuing of the Building Permits;
  • Definition of the marketing plan for promoting the deal and all the paperwork required for the sale (proposal, acceptance, preliminary contract, etc.…);